McKenZie at Limalonges 2 McKenZie at LimalongesMcKenZie at Highbarn 14 McKenZie 15 Zoe & Kenny McKenZie 6 McKenZie 5 McKenZie 4 McKenZie 2

McKenZie playing at Barail Ranch, Saint Sauvent, July 2015

McKenZie at Barail Ranch June 28 10 McKenZie at Barail Ranch June 28 3 McKenZie at Barail Ranch June 28Okies Country Dance Festival 2

McKenZie on Sue Marchant’s BBC 3 Counties Radio show

McKenZie on Sue Marchant's 3 Counties BBC Radio Show Zoe, Sue Marchant & Kenny

With Dave Cash of BBC Radio Kent

McKenZie & Dave Cash McKenZie on Dave Cash's BBC radio Kent show

With Ken MacLeod or Radio Tay AM

McKenZie at Tay AM

With Bob Wooton of the Tennessee Three while supporting them on tourMcKenZie & Bob Wootton of The Tennessee Three Supporting the Tennessee Three Kenny at The Stables, TN3 tour Zoe 6 Zoe at the Stables, TN3 TourMcKenZie trio

Stills from their video ‘I Can’t Sleep’

I Can't Sleep still I Can't Sleep still 2

Making the video for ‘Les & Mary’ at Highbarn in Essex

Zoe filming Les & Mary Kenny filming Les & Mary 3 Kenny filming Les & Mary 2 Kenny filming Les & Mary 1 Les & Mary

Shots from their show supporting George Hamilton IV at Highbarn in Essex

McKenZie at Highbarn 14 McKenZie at Highbarn 10 McKenzie at Highbarn 4 McKenZie at Highbarn 3 McKenZie at Highbarn 2 McKenZie at Highbarn 1 McKenZie at Highbarn with George Hamilton IV McKenZie presents George Hamilton IV

A fun night with the band at Okwells Manor, Essex

McKenZie at Ockwells Manor McKenZie at Ockwells Manor 5 McKenZie at Ockwells Manor 4 McKenZie at Ockwells Manor 3 McKenZie at Ockwells Manor 2

At the Festival at Fouras with Ronnie Caryl

McKenZie & Ronnie Caryl at Fouras

With BJ Cole & George Hamilton IV

Kenny & BJ Cole Kenny, Zoe & George Hamilton IV

Success on the Hotdisc Charts

Hotdisk charts Hot disk charts March 18th 2010

McKenZie at Limalonges McKenZie at Limalonges 3  McKenZie 18 McKenZie 17 McKenZie 16  Zoe Zoe at the Copper Kettle Festival 2011 Zoe at Highbarn Zoe at Highbarn 2      Kenny at Highbarn 2 Kenny at Highbarn 1McKenZie 3